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Even in Argentina there is a person from Kamaishi! His name is Yasuo Inomata.He grew up in Nakazuma. After he had graduated from university he immigrated to Argentina.

I met Yasuo Inomata when I visited Argentina about 10 years ago. He is a famous gardener in Argentina. He makes really cool Japanese gardens. Yes, even the biggest Japanese garden park in Buenos Aires was done by him too.

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I have heard that after the tsunami Yasuo "who is the president of Iwate Kenjinkai "was one of the first people in Argentina to organize a fund raising campaign for the people of Iwate. They have already sent a donation to the Iwate prefecture and continues to work hard to raise more funds to assist in their recovery and rebuilding.

I talked with Yasuo on the phone a couple days ago. He said that he had called several times to his friend who owned the Chinese restaurant in Kamaishi, but he could not talk with him. I explained that much of the area that was hit by the tsunami still has no electricity or telephone service.

Well I just received an e-mail from Yasuo saying that he could finally talk with his friend yesterday.

Even though we are far away we are thinking of our hometown of Kamaishi. 

遠く離れたアルゼンチンにも、釜石のご出身の方がいらっしゃいます。 アルゼンチン岩手県人会会長の猪又康夫さんもその一人です。中妻のご出身で、大学を卒業後、アルゼンチンに渡りました。今からおよそ10年ほど前にお会いしたのですが、アルゼンチンでは有名な庭園技師で、ブエノスアイレスにある大きな日本庭園も猪又さんの作品です。